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Modern Office Spaces: Elegant & Productive

Does your office suffer from dingy flourescent lighting, drab biege walls and the dreaded cubicle farm? If so, you are living in the past! A bright, open and modern office space is not only inviting and aesthetically pleasing to your clients, but it can also boost their confidence that your services are up to date as well.

CCG has renovated several office spaces in Tallahassee, including Weichert Realty and Cowhey+Ward. Whether your modern style is crisp and clean or bright and energizing, CCG can turn your vision into reality.

The lobby is the first thing your clients will see, so you need to make an impactful first impression.

Take a look at some of CCG's lobby transformations:

Cowhey+Ward Before:

Cowhey+Ward After:

Weichert Realty Before/After:

Your office may be a good way to impress your clients, but let's not forget the most important people in the building: your employees!

With bright colors, open spaces and modern decor, you can help create a space in which your employees will be excited to work. Many studies have shown that these types of offices cultivate inspiration and creativity, and can also boost productivity. Injecting some personality into your office will ensure your employees don't dread their 9 to 5. It can also be an attractive selling point for new recruits! What employer wouldn't want happy, productive employees?

Check out some of CCG's workspace/office transformations:

Cowhey+Ward Before

Cowhey+Ward After

Weichert Realty Before/After:

So if your office looks like this...

Give CCG a call at 850-692-3502 and let's bring it from the past into the present!

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