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Winterize Your Home: Energy Saving 101

Tallahassee may be enjoying some unexpected warm weather this week, but don't be fooled - winter is here! You may have a few cozy sweaters, a car heater or even a backyard fire pit, but can your home withstand the coming chill? Have you ever turned up the heat only to notice the room isn't getting very much warmer? Your home may be losing energy and costing you money! Ensuring your home is energy efficient and properly winterized can save you anywhere from 5 to 30 percent on your energy bills. Take the first steps by having a professional Home Energy Assessment.

During a Home Energy Assessment, a professional technician, or energy auditor, will perform a "checkup" on your home, identifying problems and giving you a better idea about how your home consumes energy. Energy auditors most commonly inspect for air leaks, examine insulation and vapor barriers, and check furnaces and ductwork. They may also use special equipment such as a blower door or infrared camera to detect hidden sources of energy loss. This infographic breaks down the tools and methods used during a Home Energy Assessment in greater detail, and this page offers valuable information about how to prepare for a Home Energy Assessment and find a reputable energy auditor in your area.

A Home Energy Assessment may identify the problems, but you'll need a licensed contractor like Concept Construction Group to help perform the necessary repairs and modifications in order to start saving money - and enjoying a warmer home this winter!

Give Concept Construction Group a call at (850) 692-3502 for all your home improvement needs!

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